30 May 2013

Designer Ruby Necklace set

Check out Designer ruby necklace paired with matching designer ruby earrings by GRT Jewellers

Gold Bridal Jewellery

Check out south Indian Actress Aksha in Gold bridal jewellery with gold haram,gold necklace,bangles,gold jada,gold earrings and gold maang tikka.

Charmi in Ruby diamond necklace set

Check out Charmi in ruby diamond necklace paired with matching ruby diamond earrings and emerald diamond ring.

polki kundan necklace

Check out polki kundan necklace by Amrapali Jewellers.

Ruby Beads necklace

Check out Ruby beads layered necklace with diamond clasp by NAC Jewellers

29 May 2013

Bridal Temple Jewellery

Check out Trisha in bridal temple jewellery with lakshmi temple haram,lakshmi pendant  necklace,temple lakshmi jada,lakshmi vaddanam,lakshmi armlet,lakshmi kada,lakshmi jhumka hoops,lakshmi maang tikka.

South Sea Pearl Necklace studded with Lakshmi pendant

Check out South Sea pearl necklace studded with lakshmi pendant intricate with uncuts,rubies and emerald edged with south sea pearl drops and emerald by NAC Jewellers.

Ruby Step necklace by Amrapali

Check out pota ruby step necklace intricate with small kundans and emerald all over necklace gives elegant look to it.

Diamond Earrings with pearl drops

Check out Mandira Bedi in designer earrings studded with pearl drops.

Navratna necklace and bangles

Check out Navaratna studded gold necklace and navaratna bangles.

28 May 2013

Bridal Gold Jewellery

Check out designer gold necklace,gold beads designer haram,designer earrings,broad gold bangles and designer gold ring from Tara jewellers.

Navadeep in designer beads jewellery with antique radhakrishna pendant

Check out south indian actor navadeep in designer beads jewellery long chain with rudraksha beads on side and big emerald beads on the other side with big radhakrishna antique gold pendant having emerald drop.

Designer Antique gold necklace set

Check out designer bridal antique gold necklace studded with kundans,emeralds and rubies having mesh model and matching kundan emerald ruby antique earrings.

Beads chain with gold pendant set

Check out two layered color beads chain with gemstone gold pendant or locket and matching gemstone gold earrings.

27 May 2013

Kiah diamond jewellery

Check out Designer Kiah diamond necklace studded with sapphire paired with matching sapphire diamond earrings by Kiah Diamond Jewellery

Lakshmi Kasu Diamond Pendant

Check out Lakshmi kasu Dimond pendant by Tibarumal Jewellers.

Simple Gold Diamond Bracelet by TT Devassy Jewellers

Check out Siple gold diamond bracelet by TT Devassy Jewellers.

Bridal Ruby Gold Jewellery

Check out Bridal ruby gold Jewellery with ruby haram,antique gold necklace with ruby pendant,ruby designer bangle,ruby chain vaddanam,ruby jhumkas,ruby and emerald maang tikka and gold aravanki.

Antique Kundan and pearl Necklace set

Check out Antique kundan mesh necklace edged with pearls studded with antique kundan pendant with pearl drop paired with matching antique kundan earrings with pearl drop by Manepally Jewellers.

Heavy Bridal polki kundan necklace set by Amrapali Jewellers

Check out Heavy bridal kundan necklace paired with matching polki kundan earrings by Amrapali Jewellers.

Jayasudha in ruby and emeralds beads chain

check out Jayasudha in ruby and emerald beads chain studded with uncut diamond pendant and  ruby bangle.

26 May 2013

Vidya balan in designer jewellery at Cannes 2013

Check out vidya balan in designer long big ruby studded necklace,layered blue saphhire beads long chain,designer gold studs and designer nose ring at Cannes 2013.

Malabar gold Ruby diamond choker necklace and earrings

Check out designer ruby diamond choker necklace paired with ruby diamond earrings by Malabar gold and diamonds.

Vidya Balan in vintage jewellery by Amrapali jewellers

Check out vidya balan in designer and heavy vintage ruby emerald gold earrings by Amrapali jewellers at Cannes 2013.

Beautiful Uncut Diamond Necklace set with ruby

Check out beautiful designer uncut diamond necklace or pachi necklace studded with ruby and having ruby drop paired with ruby uncut or pachi earrings with ruby drop.

Ruby emerald long gold haar set

Check out traditional model ruby emerald studded long gold haram with ruby emerald studded gold locket paired with ruby emerald gold earrings from Vummidi jewellers.

25 May 2013

24 May 2013

Antique Kundan Necklace Set

Check out Parvarthy Omanakuttan in antique kundan necklace studded with emerald and rubies paired with matching kundan jhumka earrings intricate with ruby, emerald and edged with pearls.

Designer Gold Earrings

Check out Designer Gold Earrings.

Beautiful polki diamond emerald beads necklace set with pearls from Manepally jewellers

Check out beautiful polki diamond necklace with emerald beads and pearls and matching polki diamond earrings with emerald beads from Manepally jewellers

Classic emerald diamond necklace

Check out classic design diamond necklace studded with emeralds.

Kajal in antique gold jewellery set

Check out kajal agarwal in designer antique gold necklace,antique gold jhumka model earrings and antique gold broad bangle in chennai silks ad.

Mrinal Kulkarni in designer gold choker necklace

Check out mrinal kulkarni in gold designer choker necklace which is traditional as well.

Simple and designer Diamond necklace set

Check out simple and designer diamond necklace,diamond earrings,diamond bangles and diamond ring.

23 May 2013

Emerald Diamond Neckalce Set By Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Check out Emerald Diamond Necklace paired with matching emerald diamond earrings by Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

Polki Diamond Nose Ring

Check out Sonam Kapoor in Polki Diamond Nose ring at Cannes 2013.

Tbz unique white gold ruby diamond jewellery

Check out model in unique designer white gold diamond necklace with oval shaped precious ruby in the center paired with designer white gold ruby diamond earrings and floral design white gold ruby diamond ring from Tbz jewellers.

Gold necklace and gold haram designs

Check out 2013 latest gold necklace and gold haram(temple haram) gallery with earrings from Manepally jewellers.

Green Beads long necklace with designer gold pendant and earrings

Check out emerald beads or green crystals long necklace or double layered chain with designer emerald,ruby and czs paired with emerald,ruby and czs gold earrings.

Beautiful layered pearl necklace with blue sapphire gemstone

Check out beautiful three layered pearl chain or necklace with blue sappphire gemstone clasp paired with blue sapphire and pearl earings from Arnav jewellers.

22 May 2013

Uncut Diamond Lakshmi Kasu Necklace(mini kasu mala)

Check out Lakshmi kasu necklace intricate with uncut diamonds and studded with uncut diamond lakshmi pendant with south sea pearl drop.

Designer peacock long hanging Jhumkas

Check out Sonam kapoor in designer emerald peacock long jhumkas intricate with pota rubies and jhumka edged with pearl drops at Cannes 2013.

Layered pearl Necklace

Check out Vidya Balan in Layered pearl necklace paired with polki kundan pearl earrings at Cannes 2013.

Kalyan jewellers vintage colection gold jewellery

Check out model in vintage collection designer gold necklace,designer gold long haaram,gold broad bangles,gold heavy temple jhumkas and gold head accessories from Kalyan jewellers.

Ruby pearl uncut diamond choker necklace with earrings

Check out designer broad ruby uncut diamond necklace with hanging pearl drops paired with ruby uncut diamond earrings with pearl drop from Manepally jewellers.

Designer Diamond Necklace Set by TT devassy Jewellers

Check out Designer Diamond Necklace paired with matching diamond earrings and diamond ring by TT Devassy Jewellers.


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