30 November 2013

Contemporary Temple haram

Check out 55gms contemporary temple haram from Ganesh jewellers.Antique work gold balls studded with  small rubies adorned with designer Goddess Lakshmi pendant in 22carat goldand small rubies.

Bridal Diamond necklace with south sea pearl drops

Check out beautiful necklace suited to be part of princess’s collection, invokes the feel of antique jewellery. 

The necklace is made out of gold and studded with stones and rubies and emeralds paired with designer earrings by Maheswari jewellers. 
The Gross weight is 153.43gms,Net weight is 136.55gms

GRT lavish ruby necklace sets

Check out designer gold ruby necklace sets with gold ruby earrings by GRT Jewellers.The necklace sets weights are 39.07GMS and 32.78GMS.

Antique necklace with earrings

Check out designer antique gold necklace with gold drops and emerald drop paired with antique gold jhumki earrings and designer gold ear chains.

Gehna Designer Diamond earrings with pearl drop

Check out designer diamond earrings studded with emerald and having pearl drop by Gehna jewellers.

29 November 2013

Gem stone mango mala design

Check out designer mango mala/mango necklace studded with czs,rubies and emeralds having mango motifs and south sea pearl drop by Sai Rajendra jewellers.The price of the necklace is 1.8lakhs.

Kareena Kapoor in white gold diamond earrings

Check out bollywood actress Kareena kapoor in white gold emerald diamond earrings.

Diamond pearl kada

Check out diamond pearl kada/broad bangle by PC jewellers.

Bridal broad ruby diamond necklace set

Check out floral design broad bridal diamond necklace studded with rubies paired ruby pearl diamond earrings by Kashi jewellers.

Designer pendant with simple pearl chain

Check out simple pearl chain with designer pearl pendant and simple pearl ear tops.

Bridal Diamond Bangle

Check out bridal broad diamond bangle by Prince Jewellers.The approximate cost is Rs.4,80,000.

28 November 2013

Nakshi work diamond Pearl jhumkas

Check out designer nakshi work chandbali earrings studded with flat diamonds and strung with pearls by Tibarumal jewels.
For more details send an email at :

Kareena Kapoor in Malabar jewellery

Check out bollywood actress Kareena kapoor in designer beads necklace with designer pendant and designer earrings by Malabar gold and diamonds.

Madhuri Dixit in Polki Bridal Jewellery

Check out madhuri dixit in broad bridal polki diamond necklace with pearls and multi string long polki diamond haram with polki pendant.

Diamond bangle design

Check out diamond bangle studded with rubies and emerald by PCJ.

Model Shilpa Reddy in simple emerald diamond necklace set

Check out model Shilpa reddy in simple diamond necklace studded with drop shaped emeralds paired with simpel emerald diamond ear tops.

Emerald Pachi Necklace with jhumkis

Check out gold emerald pachi necklace with emerald pachi pendant paired with emerald pachi jhumki earrings by Maheswari jewellers.

27 November 2013

Designer chakri uncut diamond necklace with uncut jhumkas

Check out 22 carat gold uncut necklace set with small chakri uncut diamonds,adorned with leaf shaped rubies,oval shaped emeralds and south seas pearl drops which comes along with the uncut hangings with south seas drops.The weight of the set is 98.65gms and cost is Rs.399000.

118gms CZS Mango haram set

Check out czs mango haram studded with rubies and emeralds,with czs pendant having jhumka and pearl drops paired with czs ruby emerald earrings with pearl drops by Maheswari Jewellers.The weight of the set is 118gms.

22carat gold multi strings chakri uncut diamond necklace set

Check out 22 carat gold Multi strings uncut necklace attached with oval pendant. The necklace is studded with chakri uncut diamonds, oval shaped rubies,emeralds and designer clasped south seas drops,paired with matching beautiful unuct diamond earrings by Ganesh jewellers.

Peacock design diamond pendant

Check out 18k gold peacock design diamond pendant with square shape ruby in the center and having pearl drop by PNG Jewellers.

Designer Antique gold Haram

Check out telugu character artist in designer gold beads antique gold haram with lakshmi devi pendant and designer jhumkas.

Designer kundan ruby kada

Check out antique gold designer kudan ruby kada/broad bangle with mango motifs by Tibarumal jewels.

Kareena kapoor in Malabar diamond ear hangings

Check out bollywood actress Kareena kapoor in emerald diamond ear hangings with white pearl in the center by Malabar gold and diamonds.

White gold diamond necklace with earrings

Check out designer white gold diamond necklace with rose cut diamonds and studded with oval shaped rubies and emeralds apired with white gold diamond earrings with emerald and ruby by Rama krishna jewellers,New Delhi.

26 November 2013

Designer pachi necklace with south sea pearls

Check out designer pachi necklace studded with rubies and emeralds and strung with south sea pearls paired with pachi chandbali earrings with south sea pearls by Premraj shantilal jain jewellers.
For details contact : 09700009000

Designer Polki Necklace

Check out designer multi string polki diamond necklace studded with rubies and emeralds by Aabharanam jewellers.

Malabar uncut diamond jewellery

Check out model in malabar uncut diamond bridal necklace with rubies,uncut diamond ear hangings,uncut broad kada and uncut rings.

Gemstone gold Lakshmi devi Aravanki

Check out 22k gold aravanki/vanki with Lakshmi devi and peacock design studded with czs,rubies and emeralds.

Baby gold Armlets

Check out baby gold armlets studded with rubies,czs and having ruby drops.

Roja in 22k gold necklace and jhumkas

Check out actress roja in 22k gold choker necklace,gold jhumkas and designer gold bangles.

25 November 2013

Flat Diamond Necklace set

Check out designer diamond necklace and diamond earrings studded with flat diamonds, emeralds & strung with South sea pearls by Tibarumal jewels.

For more details send an email at :

Beautiful Diamond Necklace

Check out designer diamond necklace with emerald and pearl drops paired with emerald diamond earrings with pearls.

Deepika Padukone in layered pearl kundan necklace

Check out bollywood actress Deepika padukone in multi layered kundan and pearl necklace highlighted with emerald in the center and pearl drop.

Simple diamond necklace

Check out Radhika in simple diamond necklace and simple diamond earrings.

Gold long Mango mala

Check out singer LR Eswari in gold long mango mala/mango haram paired with gold jhumkas and ear chains.

Manisha Koirala in very long gold chandbali earrings

Check out Bollywood actress Manisha koirala in very long gold chand bali earrings edged with gold jhumka and gold kada.

Raveena Tandon in designer diamond jewellery

Check out bollywood actress Raveena tandon in designer diamond necklace with big square shape ruby in the center paired with diamond ear hangings and designer diamond bracelet.

Singer Sunitha in simple kundan pearl necklace

Check out singer Sunitha in kundan pearl necklace with black stone pendant paired with matching earrings.

24 November 2013

Elegant Diamond Necklace

Check out elegant broad diamond necklace by PN Gadgil jewellers.

Kajal agarwal in gold jewellery

Check out actress Kajal agarwal in designer broad gold necklace with pendant,jhumkis,aravanki,gold kadas and ring.

Charming designer necklace with jhumkis

Check out Gitanjali jewels designer kundan necklace and kundan jhumki earrings.

Mamatha mohandas in designer gold choker necklace

Check out actress Mamatha mohandas in designer ruby emerald choker necklace and matching bangles.

czs pendant

Check out gold czs pendant attached to short gold chain and czs ear tops.

TBZ Designer sets

Check out tbz dussehra collection designer neckalces with antique gold designer pendants.


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