31 January 2014

Model in adorable floral design diamond necklace

Check out model in designer piece diamond necklace studded with rubies,emeralds and south sea pearls paired with designer diamond south sea pearl chandbalis by Manepally Jewellers.

Lakshmi devi Temple jewellery

Check out model in lakshmi devi bridal temple jewellery.Check out lakshmi devi temple necklace,lakshmi devi temple long haram,lakshmi devi temple kadas and temple earrings.

Stylish Emerald pearl diamond necklace

Check out model in stylish big emeralds and pearls diamond choker necklace paired with designer emerald diamond earrings by Manepally jewellers.

30 January 2014

Pachi Lakshmi devi vaddanam

Check out Pachi gold Lakshmi devi vaddanam or odiyanam studded with rubies and emeralds by Manepally jewellers.

Heavy south sea pearl gold Jhumkas

Check out very heavy kundan gold jhumkas with south sea pearls.

18k Gold Diamond Bridal Jewellery

Check out model in 18k gold bridal diamond jewellery.Check out two tone bridal diamond necklace,two tone heavy diamond haram,two tone broad diamond bangle and diamond earrings.

Manepally designer polki necklace

Check out designer polki diamond necklace by Manepally jewellers.

Model in gehna gold jewellery

Check out model in gold jewellery by Gehna jewellers.

Multi step gold beads necklace

Check out multi step gold beads necklace,jhumkas and head jewellery.

Raveena Tandon in big ruby diamond earrings

Check out bollywood actress Raveena tandon in diamond earrings studded with big ruby.

29 January 2014

South indian beautiful Bridal jewellery

Check out emerald necklace,flat diamond haram with rubies,emeralds and south sea pearl drops,very long emerald ruby haram with gold color pearls,lakshmi devi and peacock design vaddanam or oddiyanam or kammar patta.

Traditional Anique gold necklace

Check out traditional antique gold necklace with pota rubies and having lakshmi devi pendant having peacocks and ruby and small pearl drops paired with matching antique gold earrings.

Diamonds studded Nakshi pendant

Check out divine Nakshi pendant studded with diamonds and strung with capped south sea pearls.

Ruby pendant

Check out tamil actress in gold ruby pendant attached to broad simple gold necklace and simple ruby ear studs.

Shilpa Shetty in designer kundan ear hangings

Check out bollywood actress Shilpa shetty in very long kundan emerald ear hangings.

Gehna Diamond necklace with emeralds

Check out emerald bridal diamond necklace with emerald diamond earrings by Gehna jewellers.

28 January 2014

Pota rubies studded lakshmi devi necklace

Check out traditional yellow gold lakshmi devi clasps gold necklace studded with pota rubies and having lakshmi devi pendant paired with lakshmi earrings by PNG Jewellers.

Antique gold kundan Tussi necklace

Check out Tussi necklace with kundan work and flat diamonds, oval shaped laser cut rubies studded all over.It is double tone broad and heavy necklace for the neck highlighted with gold tussi balls all over the bottom, kundan long chain paired up with matching ruby antique earrings by Suraj Bhan Jewellers.
For details contact @ 040-23230317

Designer beads necklace with diamond pendant

Check out beads necklace having ruby and pearls having flat diamond pendant with pota rubies and south sea pearl drop by Tibarumal jewellers.

22k gold haram

Check out simple 22k gold haram with kundans,rubies and emeralds paired with gold earrings by Rama krishna jewellers.

Lakshmi pendant ruby gold necklace

Check out gold ruby lakshmi devi pendant with rub and emerald drops attached ti gold beads chain paired with simple lakshmi devi earrings by PN Gadgil jewellers.

27 January 2014

36gms CZ Necklace with Chandbali Pendant

Check out 36grams attractive cz necklace with ruby and emerald studded clasps having chandbali design pendant having capped south sea pearl drops paired with cz chandbali earrings with south sea pearls.

Step Polki diamond necklace with designer pendant

Check out beautiful step polki diamond neklace with designer pendant with rubies,emeralds and pearl drop paired with ruby emerald polki earrings.

Model in Manepally bridal diamond necklace

Check out model in Manepally bridal diamond necklace with rubies and pearl drops paired with bridal ruby pearl diamond earrings.

Simple and colorful Gold Beads Chain

Check out simple gold beads chain along with pearl and ruby beads.

22k Peacock Design Kadas

Check out 22k beautiful enamel finish peacock design gold  kada bangle by Kalyan jewellers.

Pinky Reddy in Multi string pearl choker

Check out Pinky reddy in multi string pearl choker necklace with broad kundan pendant paired with designer  ruby earrings. 

26 January 2014

Vidya Balan in bridal polki choker necklace set

Check out bollywood actress Vidya balan in bridal designer polki choker necklace paired with polki jhumkas and broad bangles.

Ruby emerald guttapusalu necklace

Check out 22k gold necklace with guttapusalu and studded with pota rubies and emeralds paired with matching pearl earrings by SBJ Jewellers.

Long Mango Haram

Check out long ruby antique gold haram with mango ruby earrings.

Kavya Madhavan in ruby designer jewellery

Check out Kavya madhavan in kerala style ruby pearl gold jewellery set.

24 January 2014

Emerald Uncut Long Necklace

Check out 22k emerald uncut diamond long necklace with oval shaped emerald clasps surrounded with chakri uncut diamonds and beautifully intricated with leaf design chakri uncut diamonds.Traditional round peandant studded with emeralds and chakri uncut diamonds paired up with matching emerald uncut diamond earrings by Manepally Jewellers.

Kavya Madhavan in Traditional Jewellery with Double step Jhumkas

Check out Kavya Madavan in traditional jewellery with two layered antique gold chain studded with ruby lakshmi clasps and having double step ruby peacock pendant with gold drops .Double step gold jhumkas edged with pearl drops and ruby drop at center.

Latest Gemstone Jhumkas

Check out latest designer gemstone gold Jhumkas.

Kirtilal Bridal Diamond Jewellery

Check out Model Showcasing kirtilal bridal diamond jewellery with heavy emerald diamond necklacestudded with flat cut diamonds,emerald diamond earrings,emerald diamond maang tikka,diamond bangles,floral design emerald diamond ring and diamond lakshmi vaddanam with peacock motifs.

Pearl Chain with Lakshmi Pendant

Check out Pearl chain with gold floral cap to pearls on both sides and having peacock design lakshmi pendant studded with pota rubies,emeralds and edged with pearl drops.

Pearl Emerald Uncut diamond necklace

Check out Bridal Uncut Diamond necklace studded with emerald and edged with south sea pearl drops.

Designer Pearl Long Hanging Earrings

Check out Aditi Rao Hydari in designer long hanging pearl earrings.


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