31 March 2014

Sneha wedding Bridal Jewellery

Check out sneha wedding bridal gold jewellery.

Beads chain with Lakshmi pendant

Check out ruby and gold beads chain having Lakshmi devi pendant by Mehta jewellers.

PInky Reddy in diamond and pearl jewellery

Check out Pinky reddy in simple white gold diamond and pearl chain and diamond pearl ear hangings.

Diamond Necklace with south sea pearl drops

Check out classic diamond necklace with designer emerald diamond pendant with south sea pearl drops by Tibarumals.

Floral Diamond necklace

Check out floral diamond choker necklace and floral diamond earrings.

Pearl Choker with diamond pendant

Check out pearl choker necklace with diamond pendant paired with diamond earrings.

30 March 2014

Adorable lakshmi pendant necklace

Check out adorable lakshmi devi pendant with peacock design and studded with precious kundans,pota rubies and emeralds attached to broad gold mesh model necklace by Nalli jewellers.

GRT designer gold necklace and jhumkas

Check out model in designer gold beads necklace with pendant,big gold jhumkas and armlet or bajubandh.

Emerald diamond Bangles

Check out broad emerald diamond bangles design.

Mango and peacock design necklace

Check out traditional mango necklace with peacock design as well in it studded with flat diamonds,rubies, emeralds and pearls.

CZS Necklace

Check out broad bridal czs necklace having emeralds and ruby paired with czs emerald ruby earrings by Premraj Shantilal jewellers.

Latest trendy Diamond necklace

Check out actress Yami gautam in latest trendy diamond choker necklace paired with diamond earrings.

28 March 2014

Diamond Jhumkis

Check out heavy diamond jhumkas with south sea pearl drop.

Black Beads chain

Check out single layered black beads with ruby emerald trendy pendant.

Czs Bajuband

Check out gold bajuband studded with czs and ruby in middle.

Bhramini in bridal necklace

Check out Balakrishna daughter Brahmini in designer bridal necklace with precious beads and ear hangings.

Kavya Madhavan diamond necklace

Check out actress Kavya madhavan in classic diamond necklace with sapphire stone and diamond earrings.

Pearl Diamond Neckalce

Check out two tone diamond necklace with pearl drops paired with diamond earring with pearl drop.

Praneetha in Bridal Uncut Diamond Necklace

Check out actress Praneetha in bridal broad uncut diamond necklace studded with rubies and emeralds paired with uncut diamond jhumkas and uncut diamond bangles.

Uncut Diamond Bangle designs

Check out broad uncut diamond bangle collection.

Sapphire stone Floral Diamond Necklace

Check out trendy diamond choker necklace studded with blue sapphire stone in the middle.

Antique Necklace with lakshmi devi pendant

Check out antique gold balls chain with lakshmi devi pendant studded with flat diamonds,rubies and emeralds by Tibarumals.

Chandbali Earrings

Check out designer gold chandbali earrings studded with flat diamonds,pota rubies and emeralds and having hanging small pearls.

Ruby Uncut Necklace with earrings

Check out uncut diamond necklace having mango design studded with rubies and strung with south sea pearls paired with ruby uncut diamond earrings by Ganesh jewellers.

Gemstone Lakshmi Peacock Aravanki

Check out peacock and lakshmi design gemstone aravanki or vanki.

27 March 2014

Contemporary Pearl Diamond jewellery

Check out Contemporary pearl diamond long chain with emerald diamond pendant and diamond clasps.emerald diamond jhumkas,emerald diamond bangles and thin diamond chain vaddanam.

Reception Diamond Necklace

Check out beautiful bride in reception diamond jewellery.check out emerald bridal diamond necklace with pealr drops,pearl diamond bangle,ruby diamond bangle and diamond ear hangings.

GRT Traditional Mango necklace and ruby chain vaddanam

Check out traditional gemstone studded mango necklace or mango mala,ruby gold chain vaddanam,traditonal ruby buttalu or jhumkas,ruby maang tikka by GRT Jewellers.

Antique Finish Bangle

Check out antique finish broad gold bangle or kada.

Uncut Pearl Necklace set

Check out gold uncut diamond necklace with small pearls paired with uncut diamond pearl earrings.

Diamond necklace

Check out classic diamond necklace with emerald drops,diamond earrings and diamond bangle.

26 March 2014

Dancing Peacock Gold Vadadnam with Pearl Drops

Check out dancing peacock gold vaddanam or kamar patta which is flexible type studded with gemstones and pearl drops.

South indian complete Gold Jewellery

Check out model in complete south indian bridal gold jewellery in Reliance jewels jewellery ad with gold neckace,lakshmi devi long chain or haram,ruby gold jada or choti,bridal bangles,lakshmi devi vaddanam and earrings.

Diamond Lakshmi Pendant

Check out designer flat diamond lakshmi devi gold pendant with jhumka attached to mesh model designer gold necklace by Tibarumals.

Heavy Uncut Diamond necklace with Pearl Drops

Check out model in very heavy gold uncut diamond bridal necklace studded with rubies and emeralds and having south sea pearl drops paired with heavy uncut diamond earrings.

Leaf pattern Diamond Necklace

Check out simple leaf pattern diamond necklace.

Kushboo Classic Diamond Choker

Check out actress kushboo in two tone classic diamond choker necklace and earrings.

Ruby Diamond Necklace

Check out ruby diamond necklace and earrings.

25 March 2014

Lakshmi Kasu Necklace

Check out traditional Lakshmi devi kasu neck choker studded with pota rubies.

9 Grams Black Beads Necklace

Check out light weight black beads or nallapusalu with designer pendant.weight of the black beads necklace is 9gms.

Kareena Kapoor in antique necklace set

Check out Kareena kapoor in antique gold necklace with kundans,rubies and emeralds paired with antique earrings.

Traditional Baby Vaddanam

Check out traditional baby molathadu or vaddanam with lakshmi devi kasu and mango design.You can increase the size at any time.So perfect for babies. 

Peacock and Floral Motifs Lakshmi necklace

Check out beautiful peacock and floral motifs antique gold lakshmi devi neckalce studded with flat diamonds,rubies and emeralds and having south sea pearl drops and ruby drops along with matching peacock design antique jhumkas by Tibarumal jewels.

Ashwini in stunning diamond necklace set

Check out Ashwini in beautiful diamond necklace paired with diamond earrings.


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