17 December 2014

Mother and Daughter Diamond jewellery

Check out Mother and Daughter in diamond jewellery.check out diamond necklace and diamond earrings sets.

Actor Aadhi wife in reception diamond jewellery

Check out telugu hero Aadhi wife in diamond reception jewellery.check out emerald diamond bridal neckalce,emerald diamond earrings,diamond maang tikka and bridal gold bangles.

Sai kumar daughter in diamond jewellery

Check out Sai kumar daughter Jyothirmayi in designer diamond jewellery at Aadi’s wedding.check out designer broad diamond necklace,designer diamond haram,diamond jhumkas,diamond bangles and Lakshmi devi gold vaddanam.

Saikumar wife in designer polki diamond necklace with pearls

Check out Sai kumar wife in designer polki diamond necklace with hanging pearls and gold bangles at Aadi’s wedding.

Gemstone Jhumkas

Check out fancy jhumkas studded with czs,rubies and emeralds and having south sea pearl drop.

Vijaya nirmala in Diamond choker necklace

Check out Vijaya nirmala in white gold diamond choker necklace and diamond earrings.

12 December 2014

pachi studded chandbali with nakshi work

Check out beautiful pachi studded nakshi work chandbali earrings with lakshmi devi design by Satyanarayan and sons jewellers.

Black beads designs

Check out simple and beautiful black beads gallery having pearl beads,ruby beads,emerald beads and gold beads as well by PSJ Jewellers.

Lakshmi Pendant with Ruby beads chain

Check out Lakshmi pendant with czs,rubies and emeralds attached to ruby beads thread model chain.

Diamond Vaddanam with changebale stones

Check out 18k gold diamond vaddanam with changeable stones by Tibarumals.

Engagement Diamond jewellery

Check out Sashi engagement diamond bridal jewellery.check out bridal broad diamond necklace,ruby emerald bridal haram,diamond vanki,diamond earrings,diamond maang tikka,diamond bangles and gold lakshmi devi vaddanam.

Niloufer in designer temple necklace set

Check out Niloufer in designer temple necklace apired with tempel chandbali model earrings with emerald and pearl drops.

Kalyan Jewellers Diamond necklace

Check out beautiful 18k gold diamond necklace with emerald paired with classic emerald diamond earrings by Kalyan jewellers.

Two layered ruby emerald uncut necklace

Check out two layered uncut diamond necklace studded with emeralds and rubies paired with ruby emerald uncut diamond earrings by PSJ Jewellers.

Designer Long Jhumkas

Check out designer long style jhumkas with czs,emeralds,rubies and pearls.

9 December 2014

Multi color beads chain

Check out multi color beads chain necklace with gold beads,pearl beads,emerald beads and ruby beads.

All over designer pearl gold Jhumkas

Check out unique variety all over designer pearl gold jhumkas.

Deepika Padukone in desigenr pearl jhumkas

Check out deepika padukone in designer pearl jhumkas with pearl drops.

Aishwarya rai in kudnan ear hangings

Check out Aishwarya rai in kundan ear hangings.

Ruby diamond bridal jewellery

Check out model in ruby diamond bridal necklace with ruby drops paired with ruby diamond earrings,diamond ring and diamond bracelet by Kamala jewellers.

5 December 2014

22k Antique Earrings

Check out 22k antique gold earrings with peacock design and having gold muvvalu drops.

Multi string emerald Beads chain with pearls

Check out multi string emerald beads chain along with pearls paired with matching earrings.

Lakshmi polki diamond necklace

Check out beautiful polki diamond necklace with nakshi lakshmi pendant paired with lakshmi polki diamond earrings by Tibarumals.

Praneetha in big nakshi pendant and earrings

Check out praneetha in huge gold nakshi pendant with rudraksha bead drops attached to black thread chain paired with long chandbali model pearl jhumkas and gold armlet.

Shilpa Shetty in designer ruby pearl diamond necklace

Check out Bollywood actress shilpa shetty in beautiful designer diamond ruby necklace with white pearls paired with ruby diamond earrings with pearl drop.

Simple Black beads chain with pendant

Check out 22k gold simple single layered black beads chain with ruby emerald pendant.

Arpita Khan in bridal kundan jewellery

Check out Arpita khan in bridal kundan jewellery.

Anushka in designer jhumkas

Check out actress anushka in designer jhumkas with emeralds and small pearl drops.

Praneetha in bridal emerald diamond jewellery

Check out actress Praneetha in bridal broad 18k gold emerald diamond necklace with pearl drops paired with emerald diamond earrings.

22k Gold Ruby emerald Temple Necklace and temple jhumkas

Check out 22carat gold temple necklace with jhumka style pendants studded with pota rubies and emeralds paired with temple jhumkas.

1 December 2014

Antique Traditional Gold Necklace

Check out beautiful antique gold traditonal gold necklace with lakshmi devi kasus and mango motifs studded with rubies and small pearl drops.

Guttapusalu necklace set

Check out celebrity Shreedevi in guttapusalu necklace paired with designer pearl earrings,designer pearl broad bangle and diamond ring.

Madhuri dixit in emerald diamond ear hangings

Check out Madhuri dixit in very long 18k emerald diamond ear hangings.

22carat Broad kada

Check out 22k gold broad kada by Manepally jewellers.


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